Hi, I'm Tamara!

This is the story of my journey through skin and time.

I started this blog because of my struggles with Eczema and the experience of having a child go through it. 

Mason was only 1 year old and had terrible eczema. I was at a loss to do. I then went on a journey of discovery that lead me down many paths that I never foresaw.

All of my blog posts are about my journey, what I’ve learnt and the thinking behind everything I do.

I hope this helps you with your own journey to be happy!

Mason's Transformation

From 11 months to 18 months, Mason's Extreme Eczema cleared up.

Wishing you love and healing!

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Mijn verhaal

Hoi, Mijn naam is Tamara en ik ben moeder van drie geweldige jongens, genaamd Dexter, Nelson en Mason. Al mijn hele leven heb ik last

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Mason’s Story

Mason’s Story How skin microbiome strengthening products transformed my baby’s eczema PICTURES: Top row – Mason before starting using JooMo. Bottom row – Mason after

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